This collection of documentation serves as a practical technical reference for using Scorched. It explains and demonstrates the use of all constructs, but not necessarily every method. For the story behind Scorched, refer to:

Getting Started

If you haven't already done so, please refer to the README for a generic introduction to Scorched, including how to get started.

Who Should Use Scorched?

Whilst Scorched is suitable for any Ruby developer, the documentation does assume you're comfortable programming in Ruby, and that you're familiar with Rack. It also assumes some prior experience with web development and HTTP. Scorched itself, as a very unopinionated and open-ended framework, doesn't necessarily serve the inexperienced developer. To get the most out of Scorched, you need to implement your ideas on top of it, using your preferred tools and techniques, which only a developer with the aforementioned experience will be able to do effectively.

Those who will enjoy using Scorched the most, are creative developers who like to apply their own values, ideas, and toolset to solving web development problems. Anyone who doesn't like Rails should love Scorched.